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The FlagShooter!

A revolutionary flag insertion tool that will make your job easier, faster, and more enjoyable!

The FlagShooter® means 40% faster flagging and painting for Utility Locating. Simple to operate, low physical stress, and even a bit of fun to use – if you’ve got flags to shoot, get a FlagShooter!

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The Best Way to Paint, Flag, and Profit... Guaranteed!

The FlagShooter is a tool that inserts marking flags into the ground and sprays marking paint, all with one hand.

FlagShooter Flags

Our FlagShooter Flags that are specifically engineered for use in FlagShooter tools.


The revolutionary flag insertion tool that will make your job easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Straight Flags

Our Straight Flags are great for traditionally Hand use. They do not work with the tool. But are high quality, glue-less flags.

Guaranteed Quality

Save time, save energy, and save your back from repetitive stress.

The FlagShooter was created in 2008 by Paul Carrette, who needed to locate utility lines in his backyard. It’s a tool that places marking flags into the ground and sprays paint in a single shot, which makes it the most efficient flag shooting utility on the market.

This multi-patented product is considered to be the fastest and easiest way to shoot marking flags into any type of ground location (including ones that are hard or frozen). You can even get a choice of plain marking flags or ones that have been custom printed.

Why Choose Us

World's Best Locating Equipment

There are many reasons why people choose the FlagShooter over any other underground utility markers.

40% Faster

Studies show FlagShooter is 40% faster than conventional locating techniques

Save Back and Shoulders

FlagShooter reduces the chance of injury from frequent bending or twisting

Quicker & Efficient

It inserts flags and sprays paint with one hand, which improves efficiency.

Auto Single Flag Load

It has 1000 wire flags in a single box — 25 flags per clip and 40 clips per box.

Ease in Work

FlagShooter is very easy to use. Discover a new way to have fun at work.

Money Back Guarantee

It has a 90-day money back performance guarantee (restrictions apply).

Safe & Easy

Safe and Easy Method for Marking

Beside being very easy to use the FlagShooter Inserts flags and sprays paint with just one hand, increasing locator efficiency. You can even insert into hard or frozen ground. With no more need for bending and twisting you reduce the chance of an injury.


Partners in Damage Prevention

Operating the FlagShooter is not only intuitive and easy, but safe and helps prevent damage.

Best Flagging Tool

More profit from increased efficiency

The FlagShooter is a marker flag insertion tool that was developed to bring safety and efficiency to the damage prevention industry by combining the tasks of flagging and painting into one handheld device. The FlagShooter has simplified this task by allowing an operator to spray paint at the squeeze of the trigger and to install a flag with compression of the handle once the FlagShooter the bottom is in contact with the ground. The efficiency and ergonomic benefits of the FlagShooter are magnified in hard or frozen ground scenarios. The FlagShooter works with industry-leading inverted nozzle marking paint.

Complete jobs quicker, more efficiently

Studies show that FlagShooter is 40% faster than conventional tools. It inserts flags and sprays paint with one hand, which improves efficiency.

The flags reload automatically

Its unique flag design allows automatic flag reloading; flags come in clips of 25. The Gun supports onboard storage of up to an additional 75 flags (3 clips).

One-year factory warranty

One year warranty from date of delivery against defects in material and workmanship.

FlagShooter Product Tour Videos

Operating the FlagShooter is both intuitive and easy. Utility locating technicians squeeze the trigger to spray the marking paint and press the bottom of the device against the soil to place a marking flag into the ground.

Clients Feedback

Our Happy Customers

Customers always say it best. Fortunately, we’re blessed that our invention has been able to meet the needs of many.

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