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Our distributors maintain excellent product knowledge for FlagShooter’s range of products and services.

Distributor Partners

Building values with our distributors

We have built relationships with these distributors to create a unit that will efficiently meet and exceed the needs of our customers. We are ready to help!

Does your company have a rigorous procurement process? Do you have a Go to Distributor?

Don’t worry if you don’t see them below, direct your contact to us we can work with distributors directly leaving you to focus on what you do best!

Distributors our product is Ideal in both the Damage prevention industry and also the Surveying industry. If you supply customers in these fields let’s talk! what better way to help the customers than to insure they work safely and efficiently?

Not ready to upgrade to a FlagShooter just yet, but looking for reliable supply of your regular pin Flags? You can order 23″ and 33″ online right now. But for 15″, 18″, and 21″ you must go through your distributor! Contact them today! (if you don’t have one give us a call and well supply you with key partners to choose from)

Interested in becoming a FlagShooter distributor?

If you want to join us as our distributor, please fill out the contact form below.