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Paul and Anita Carrette

Owner and Inventor of the FlagShooter with wife Anita next to the Red Machine - the 2nd machine designed to produce our patented FlagShooter Flags

The Flagshooter Story

It All Started With An Idea

FlagShooter started out as an inspired idea when Paul Carrette the owner and C.E.O. of FlagShooter saw a need, as a locating technician was performing a locate in Paul’s back yard in 2008. Much like anyone else when we have an idea, Paul went to work to create a solution.

Once some ground work was laid, and as the right team members came into play to further develop this solution into a tool that could answer the need Paul witnessed in 2008 FlagShooter was born.

FlagShooter is a company named after the tool it developed which is the FlagShooter. This is a tool that inserts marking flags into the ground and sprays marking paint all with one hand.

What is now FlagShooter Inc. is a company that’s small in size, but big in innovation. We are striving to bring several solutions to the Damage Prevention Industry that save time, money, and energy for our customers. We have found the best way to develop the right products is to listen carefully to our customer’s ideas.

Our Commited Services

Our dedicated team is committed to providing you quality products and service.

FlagShooter is a family company, with staff being no less important. Keeping the same goal to provide high-quality products and services to those that serve in the Damage Prevention industry.

Our entire staff is house here at our headquarters in Garretson, SD.

To achieve high quality at the most economical price we strive to help our team by building and designing machines that keep production high, and down time low.

The process of being high quality is full circle from the moment a prospect makes contact with our Sales team, followed by excellent customer service, and as it should be with customization a huge amount of attention to detail all the way until your order is load for delivery.

As a team we strive for the best for you!

Our Sales Staff

Our staff family is small but mighty.  Cindy our Account Specialist, and Crystal the Business Development Coordinator are a tag team always ready to provide you the best service possible

Feel free to call in and speak with any of us. We’re eager to get to know you and help you discover the FlagShooter

Our Production Staff

Our sales staff is so incredible only and an equal awesome production staff could follow and here at Flagshooter with our Automation Engineer, Floor Lead and Production Floor staff the expectation is exceeded!

But wait we're growing! To inquire about open positions do a quick search on indeed or just send your email over to support@flagshooter.com

Our Mission

To glorify God by positively impacting people's lives with products and services that make their jobs easier and safer.

We're Here tO Help

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