“We have been using Flagshooter over the last year and absolutely love it. It is very easy to use, makes flagging the yard go much faster, and no sore back afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone that is on the “fence” about getting one.” – PW – Hidden Pet Fence Company

“Everything is working the way it should. I’m impressed with how well it works in fact, this is going to make my life a lot easier. I’m also impressed with your customer service. I don’t think it could have gone any smoother or faster.” – SL – Utility Company

“Between the Water Dept. and the Gas/Electricity Dept. we have 10 Flagshooters. We have been using them for about 3 years now. The employees who use them on a daily basis have nothing but good things to say about them. They save a lot of time when flagging large areas and they really save on their backs” – DD – Public Utility Company

“I appreciate your quick turnaround and great service. Not many people sell a product, and then stand behind it, like they say they will. I will continue to tell people about your products and outstanding service after sale.” – RJ – Natural Gas Pipeline Company

“I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I love the Flagshooter! It has made such a difference in my life. After having back surgery, it was very difficult to bend over to put the flag in the ground. Getting the Flagshooter not only allowed me to continue to work pain-free, but also much faster. Thanks for the great product.” – GA – Wireless Telecommunications Company

“When chasing a line, we barely have to stop when painting and placing a flag. You advertise a 40% improvement in the speed of locates, for us and the soil types here in the San Joaquin Valley, it is likely more than 40%. Thank you for a great product and exceptional customer service.” – TB – Subsurface Utility Contractor

“As with the rest of the country, it has been on hot and dry summer. The ground here in Wyoming is harder than ever, and our Flagshooter is pounding in the flags just fine. No complaints. Very good product.” – MW – Public Utility Company

“This product is awesome. It has saved me so much time on locating and having to go back several times. The flags are still there which makes my job easier and helps on the back also.” – JB – Public Utility Company

“Using the Flagshooter has cut locating time drastically for me. Before I had to stop and put an individual flag in the ground. With the Flagshooter, you can spray paint, push a flag in the ground and keep walking. My back is also thankful for the Flagshooter.” – TA – Public Utilities

“Today we received the Flagshooter with flags, all in good condition, was well packed! Compliments! Flagshooter works very, very good! Thanks a lot for the good service. Everybody will be amazed here when they see it.” – JvdK – Netherlands

“My guys LOVE it and won’t put a flag in the ground without their Flagshooter” – RH – Public Utilities

“Works great and time saver. Great product to have in the locating field.” – SH – Contract Locating Company

“We received the ship as promised and delivery went exactly as planned. The product is very easy to use straight out of the box and all the technicians were exited to receive these new tools. Thank you for all of your assistance in getting this order to us.” – KE – Pipeline Company

“Your customer service is exceptional, you’re the best.” – AM – Communications Company

“Your staff is very helpful and courteous when getting quotes and other information.” – KH – Public Utilities

“I appreciate your company and your customer service is bar none. Whenever I call in, they are very helpful and friendly.” – JE – Gas & Pipeline Company

“I am very satisfied with the Flagshooter. It has made my job easier.” – JP – Oil & Gas company

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