Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries

The FlagShooter is specifically designed to reduce the fatigue and potential injury. It makes utility marking faster, safer and more fun. See what medical professionals are saying about how the FlagShooter can help workers perform better with less risk of injury. 

"Repetitive Stress injuries affect both an employee's overall well being and their ability to perform at work. The cost can be bilateral: injury claims and decreased productivity. Soft tissues and the complex joints themselves are among the most affected. 

Damage to the wrist carpals, rotator cuff, shoulder, and lumbar spine are not only incapacititating, they are slow to heal and expensive to repair. This can lead to carpal tunnel, numbness, painful movement, shooting pain, loss of strength, and disc problems. Preventative measures are certainly the best option.

Technology that aids a worker in limiting repetitive stress can help prevent permanent damage and allows employees to return to work sooner. The conventional juggling, bending and "flicking" methods of locating are being replaced. The Flagshooter technology reduces unnecessary wear and eliminates unnatural joint motions. This means the Flagshooter system will enhance industry efficiency and protect workers longevity and well being."

Dr. Seth A. Severson D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

Read our full endorsement from Severtson Spinal Care P.C.

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