Flagshooter Paint and Flag Gun

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Flagshooter Paint and Flag Gun
The Flagshooter is a mechanical tool that was developed to bring safety and efficiency to the damage prevention industry by combining the tasks of flagging and painting into one handheld device. The Flagshooter has simplified this task by allowing an operator to spray paint at the squeeze of the trigger and to install a flag with compression of the handle once the Flagshooter bottom is in contact with the ground. The efficiency and ergonomic benefits of the Flagshooter are magnified in hard or frozen ground scenarios. The Flagshooter works with industry leading inverted nozzle marking paint. The Flagshooter is constructed of non corrosive materials including nylon, aluminum and stainless steel. All parts are made and assembled in the U.S.A.


Single arm use makes it easy to use and no extra training required.
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