Legal Notices

Read Before Using FlagShooter Tool

  1. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Follow the instructions below for safe operation of the FlagShooter tool. Failing to do so may cause injury.

  2. WEAR SAFTEY GEAR. Wear steel toe footwear and safety glasses when using the FlagShooter tool.

  3. AVOID INJURY FROM MOVING PARTS. Puncturing or driving a flag into the body can cause serious injury. Take care when inserting flags into the ground surface and avoid placement of the outlet of the FlagShooter tool where it can puncture the body. DONT PLACE THE OUTLET (WERE THE FLAG COMES OUT) OF THE FLAGSHOOTER TOOL ON YOUR OWN OR ANYONE ELSES BODY. SERIOUS INJURY CAN RESULT.

  4. AVOID INJURY FROM REPETIVIE USE. Excessive use of the FlagShooter tool can cause repetitive strain injury. If pain is felt during operation of the FlagShooter tool, immediately discontinue use and contact a qualified physician.

These are the current Patents and Trademarks for the FlagShooter system:

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  2. United States Patent 8,065,856 B2 dated 11/29/2011
  3. United States Patent 9,646,519 B2 dated 05/09/2017
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  5. United States Trademark Reg. No. 3,938,968 dated 3/29/2011
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