Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you sell regular pin marking flags?

Yes, absolutely. Besides the proprietary marker flags that are specifically for use in the Flagshooter – we sell regular pin flags for placing marker flags with your hands.

Does the Flagshooter work with regular pin flags?

No, it does not. It will only work with custom Flagshooter flags manufactured by Flagshooter.

What are the different flag colors that you sell?

We offer all utility colors of marking flags (9 different colors and clear) printed with your company logos or plain.

Do you have to load each flag individually?

No, flags are manually loaded in clips of 25 then the Flagshooter automatically reloads itself after each flag is inserted

How is painting handled?

Ability to paint is at the squeeze of a trigger. The Flagshooter uses vertical nozzle Marking Paint cans and has been tested with following paint brands:
Fox Valley, Krylon, Aervoe, RustOleum, PlastiKote, US Specialty Coatings, JC Whitlam Mfg, Seymour.
Paint capacity is 1 can.

How is it operated?

Single hand operation by pressing the Flagshooter to the ground and compressing the handle

What is the flag capacity in the Flagshooter?

The flag capacity is 25 flags “at-ready” plus 50-75 extra flags in Flagshooter quiver

What is the process to get our logo on our Flagshooter flags?

After you place the order you will be prompted to send us a photo of your current flag and we will recreate the graphic and messaging for you.

What is the maintenance?

Keeping the Flagshooter free of dirt and debris requires a rinse of water and blown out with compressed air. Using lubricants may cause dirt and debris to adhere to the Flagshooter’s moving parts.

What is the Flagshooter dimensions and how much does it weigh?

8” x 3” x 32” and 3.2 lbs

What is the flag lengths that you offer?

23” and 33” tall ( All of our flags have a 5″ x 6″ banner attached)

What material is the Flagshooter made out of?

Rust-proof aluminum and rugged composite plastics

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